Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

As a budding star you will no doubt be after a decent birthplace for your first recording, and at Singing Lessons Brighton nothing makes us prouder than hearing you've begun the journey towards your debut EP. Experience the echoes of musical greats as you discover just what Brighton has to offer...

Miloco Recording Studios

Miloco Recording Studios encompasses two major recording venues in the Brighton area - the Ironworks in Brighton, and Black Wookie Studios in nearby Worthing. In its lifetime, The Ironworks has attracted the likes of UNKLE, Nick Cave, Manu Chao and White Denim with its mixture of vintage and modern equipment and the facilities that produce almost any possible sound you could wish. A high-tech, high-class second-home for the serious musician with reasonable daily rates, this could well be a firm choice to start out your singing career.

Audio Beach Studios

Audio Beach Studios is Brighton and Hove's lottery-funded, not-for-profit recording studio, that offers distinctly brilliant service to all, with particular care offered to first-timers. Their different tariffs include daily and weekly rates with the opportunity for spontaneous add-on hours and most weeknights offer their 'Singer-songwriter sessions', designed for an unsigned solo singer and single instrument to produce original music in the most cost-effective manner. The sessions include full use of state-of-the-art equipment and an engineer to help you out. At Singing Lessons Brighton we feel that the friendly, unintimidating vibe and appreciation for financial limits found at Audio Beach is perfect for our students to begin their path to super-stardom.

Hidden Cam Studios

Located on Hove seafront, Hidden Cam Studios aim to provide quality service to cater for any budget. They maintain a strong philosophy for truly listening to the needs of their customers, so if you pay Hidden Cam Studios a visit prepare to leave with a professionally recorded capsule of your finest work. With a mixture of price packages and top-of-the-range, modern gear (Pro Tools HD3 recording system, TL Audio mixing desk, etc), Hidden Cam Studios ticks all the boxes.

Studio 284

284 Madeira Drive is the home to Studio 284, a super-cheap Recording area with a history reaching over a decade. Specialising in punk-rock, the Studio has given wind to the likes of Ruff Diamond, Amature Ninja Club, Candy Killers and The Mighty Rivals. For an authentic experience, albeit a little rough around the edges, check out Studio 284 to soak up the Brighton grunge scene and blast out some stormers of your own.

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