Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely, if you’ve never even touched a mic before you’re more than welcome. I have taught loads of beginners over the years.

Do you teach children?

I teach children aged 6+ who have good concentration ability and who really want to learn to sing, rather than just do it for fun (although of course, the lessons are fun).

Where are you based?

I teach all my singing lessons in Brighton at my dedicated teaching studio, located on Shanklin Road, Brighton, BN2 3LP. Click on the map below to find the location on Google maps. It is the place to learn to sing, with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I also offer lessons at students' home in surrounding areas of Brighton.

Singing Lessons Brighton Map

Can you help me to reach higher notes?

Yes, I can show you some very good exercises for this and they are a lot more easy and fun then you might think they would be. Most excitingly they start working very fast too.

Can you help me to sing in tune?

Certainly, I will give you techniques that will improve your pitching and help you sing in tune along with the songs that you love.

I run out of air really easy, can you help me to feel extend my notes as much as I want?

Yes, I can do that, I will teach you to breathe the right way and therefore this will contribute to your extension of the notes. These exercising can be fun and we will incorporate them into our lessons if this is something that you want to work on.

I really want to make my voice more personal and add some effects that I have heard other singers do - is that possible?

Yes, I can help you build the voice that you are dreaming about. There is a way of using your voice when singing that makes it easier and also gives you a different sounding voice, enabling you to emulate some of your favourite artists or develop your own sound and tone.

I really like my voice, and am doing well in my singing career but I would like to add more volume, is there any way that I can make my voice more powerful through singing technique?

Yes, there is, and it's very fundamental for your voice in general. I have exercises so when you first start using this technique your voice will improve helping to increase the volume of your voice.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, call me for more information.

I would like to record a song, can you recommend a recording studio?

Sure, there is a great range of recording studios in Brighton. We have prepared an article about recording and rehearsal studios in Brighton where you can find additional information.

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